Montreal Accord on Patient-Reported Outcomes Use Series–Paper 2: Terminology Proposed to Measure What Matters in Health.


Mayo, N. E., Figueiredo, S., Ahmed, S., & Bartlett, S. J. (2017). Montreal Accord on Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs) use series–Paper 2: terminology proposed to measure what matters in health. Journal of clinical epidemiology89, 119-124.


We outline different health outcomes and describe how multiple perspectives can be harnessed to optimize accuracy of key data collected about patients with chronic conditions. The terms health status, health-related quality of life, and quality of life are often used interchangeably without recognizing that they have different meanings, as are the terms used to refer to the different components of function. Although the advantages and limitations of existing frameworks and perspectives are largely understood, greater precision is needed when using health outcome terminology and identifying optimal sources of information.

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