• Pillar 1: Needs Assessment: Evaluate and Prioritize Needs in SCI Rehabilitation

    This study’s objective was three-fold;

    1. It aimed to synthesize the needs of individuals with SCI as perceived by themselves, their family caregivers and their rehabilitation professionals according to the ICF framework,
    2. to classify needs as met and unmet and to
    3. explore the evolution of met/unmet needs from the time of rehabilitation admission to community reintegration.
  • We completed an environmental scan, that included a scoping review, to gain an understanding of met and unmet needs of persons with SCI by integrating the perspectives of the persons with SCI, their caregivers, clinicians and decision makers. The scoping review is now complete.

  • These findings will contribute to identifying evidence-based practices that can be implemented to address gaps identified. They have assisted in supporting discussions with clinicians and patient partners about how rehabilitation interventions can prepare individuals and their families for returning to the community.  The results will also help with the development of new evidence-based interventions to address SCI needs where no effective interventions currently exist.

  • Protocol describing the details of the scoping review and consultation process are published here:

    Moreno A*, Zidarov D*, Raju C*, Boruff J, & Ahmed S. Integrating the perspectives of individuals with spinal cord injuries, their family caregivers, and healthcare professionals across the continuum of care: protocol for a scoping study on SCI needs. BMJ Open. (2017): 7:8, p014331.  doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2016-014331


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